Anatomy Animations

Early Christmas Gift!

The following animations were produced to aid your study of the human body. This particular animation below uses the Ideal Loomis proportions of the human body. Use this animation while practicing this excercise on your own. Understanding how the body and limbs move in space is a key part of your artistic development. This animation was created completely in Photoshop.

The 2 animations below are fully hand-drawn and consist of 36 unique drawings/frames. Half the turn is drawn and then flipped to produce the complete looping turn. The final animation consists of 72 frames (36 unique frames) playing over 4 seconds. Right click the image below and select "save as" to save it to your computer. Then open the file in Photoshop to study or print out the individual frames. Enjoy!

This "Comic-Anime" male animation was created using Masters Of Anatomy Book 1. We used bits and pieces of anatomy from various artists in our first book to create a male anatomy that resembled the animation style found in popular animated movies like Assault on Arkham and Justice League: War. The "Comic-Anime" female is inspired by comic books and animated shows that exagerate the female body to almost in-human proportions.

This animation contains a full 24 individually hand-drawn animation frames - the highest rate of an animated feature film! Most animated movies and shows are animated "on twos" - one drawing is shown for every two frames of film (which usually runs at 24 frames per second), meaning there are only 12 drawings per second. Enjoy!!!

This 60 frame-per-second ecorche anatomy was fully hand-drawn - not traced from a 3D model. It's not perfect but, it's a great excercise to try yourself if you really want to learn the underlying anatomy of the human body.