Oscar J Vargas

Masterclass with Oscar J Vargas, The Crow's Nest


One of the most popular character designers in the world, Oscar J Vargas creates 4 characters for his new animated series "The Crow's Nest". Come and explore the exciting heroes and villains of Century City.

Oscar designs 4 characters from scratch along with dozens of facial expressions and background characters!


• The creation of 4 of the 8 main characters: Tombstone, Dr. Claptrap, Grimlock and Kid Cuervo

• Tons of facial expressions!

• Tons of background characters!


Includes all the files used in the video in high-resolution. Includes high-resolution, full color files for all 8 main characters (Edward Crow (The Crow), Cynthia Crow (Blackbird), Kano, Elektra, Tombstone, Dr. Claptrap, Grimlock and Kid Cuervo).

Duration: tbd

Format: HD 1920 x 1080 (mp4 files)

Oscar J Vargas Gallery